Country Chick, Artist's Proof


Country Chick, Artist's Proof


This is a single print from the Stereotypes Series.

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Part of the Stereotypes series.

The Country Chick linoleum cut print is from a series of 5 prints I called Stereotypes. The series is a tribute to big-time music fans of popular genres. People who love their music so much that they style their looks and lives around their favorite sounds. Like country western for example!

The Country Chick

Early performers at the Grand Ole Opry were not afraid to flash some sequins or floral appliqué. Their fans have been dazzled and inspired ever since. Country girls and boys certainly know how to rock (so to speak) the style. The woman portrayed here refers to herself as a “Country Chick,” and will gladly kick your ass if you have a problem with that.

Print Details

  • Print Size, 9”x12”. Fits in a standard sized frame.

  • Paper Stock, White 110 lb. Uncoated

  • Linoleum Cut

  • Single-Color Print in Black Ink

A total of 7 of these artist’s proofs were were made. They all have a very consistent look but there may be some variation in the print impression compared to the photo shown here.

The Stereotypes print set.

The Stereotypes print set.


About the Stereotypes Series

The complete series was done in an edition of 12. The series comes in special packaging and I am only selling them as set. This is the reason that I am offering the single prints, like the one above, as artist’s proofs.

The Stereotype series would make a nice set for anyone who is a fan of all types of music.

Or, the other musical characters are also available as single artist’s proofs that can be found here.

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