Stereotypes, Series of 5 Prints


Stereotypes, Series of 5 Prints


A tribute to hardcore fans and classic music styles.

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Musicians make music. Fans take that music and turn it into movements that change the world.

I made this linoleum cut print series to celebrate the passion and style of the hard-cores.

The committed. The ones who put the “fan” in “fanatic.”

Because they don’t just listen to music. They wear it. And they live it.

Here’s to the Stereotypes



Greased-back hair. Leather jacket. Biker boots. Levis. What began as the working-class uniform of early motorcycle gangs became the quintessential example of classic American style. It’s been appropriated over the years by hippies, metalheads, grunge fans and, well, the rest of the goddamn world. (BTW, you’re welcome, rest of the goddamn world).


Born from rockers. Stripped down. Spiked up. And slammed together with three chords, spit and safety pins at hole-in-the-wall clubs in NYC and London. Its signature look has influenced fashion designers from Vivienne Westwood to Versace. Today, this most counter of countercultures lives on wherever there are young (and not-so young) people looking to make a personal statement about their view of the world. Long live Punk.

Disco Dude

Go ahead and mock if you must, but disco had style. Tailored suits. Sequined dresses. All enhanced with a kilo of 70s Euroglam. At the discotheque, you had to stand out to fit in. Oh, and disco didn’t die, it mutated. Because there will always be those who live to move gracefully around a dance floor in a killer outfit. The rainbow colored, spandex-suited genie will not be going back into the bottle.


After black artists had their music appropriated in the 50s by white rock ‘n’ roll acts, they spray-painted a defiant line in the sand with hip-hop, changing the course of both music and fashion forever. This fusion of fresh beats and sportswear exploded on the streets of urban America, ultimately becoming a unifying style from the ‘hood to the ‘burbs. Today, hip-hop has gone global and can be found on runways from NYC to Tokyo.

Country Chick

Early performers at the Grand Ole Opry were not afraid to flash some sequins or floral appliqué. Their fans have been dazzled and inspired ever since. Country girls and boys certainly know how to rock (so to speak) the style. The woman portrayed here refers to herself as a “Country Chick,” and will gladly kick your ass if you have a problem with that.


Print Set Details

  • 5 Prints in the Set

  • Print Size, 9”x12”. Fits in a standard sized frame.

  • Paper Stock, White 110 lb. Uncoated

  • Linoleum Cut

  • Single-Color Print in Black Ink

All the prints in the edition are signed and numbered. A total of 12 of sets were made.

About the Stereotypes Series

The idea for the Stereotypes series was to do the series of 5 different portraits. They are tributes to the hardcore fans of these popular music styles. Only 12 of the complete sets are being sold.

The series would make a nice set for anyone who is a fan of all types of music. The five prints displayed on a wall would make a nice decorative statement. And, the sets are mailed in special packaging so could make a good gift.

The prints are being sold individually here.