Craft Brewery Promotion

Direct mail showcasing Cranky Pressman letterpress coasters.



Custom printed letterpress coasters are a popular Cranky Pressman offering. They are produced for restaurants, hotels, bars and other drinking establishments that want to stand out from the crowd.

Letterpress coasters are also used for business cards, save-the-date and other event cards because of their tactile appeal and the eye-catching little spaces they provide for branded messages.

With the growth of craft brewing we created a direct mail promotion aimed specifically at breweries.


I enjoy sampling craft brews and there are plenty of breweries around, each with their own unique selection of beers. Some of the brand names of these new beers and breweries can get pretty silly. This mailer pokes fun at the naming games brewers like to play by creating a few odd names you probably won't ever see on the shelf of your local beer cooler.

The front cover sets up the idea with a fictional brewery named Miscellaneous Flying Animal Species Brewing Co. The headline asks, 'Whatever your brand's name... Serve it up with the tasty feel of letterpress.' reads the inside cover of the piece.

Three coaster samples were contained in the mailer, each with a different die-cut shape and beer name. Graphite & Lead did all the naming as well as the illustrations, hand lettering, copywriting and printing production management.

Designed with multi-media in mind.


The various components of the promotion were designed to attract attention both in the recipients snail mailbox and on social media. Coasters fit nicely into the square image format of Instagram.

A short video completed the range of online content and added to the campaign's success in reaching new markets and fellow craft businesses.


Our studio's work included:

Graphic design, illustration, copywriting, typography and hand lettering