Rough sketch for new blog on creativity.


When starting a new project I always do a fair amount planning and prep work before putting pen to paper. It's an important part of my creative process and likely will never change. Old habits and all that.

But in the spirt of modern launch-now-tweak-later thinking (I'm always game for new approaches) here is an outline of what is planned for the Graphite & Lead blog:

The main idea or theme is Commercial Art History

There are so many fantastic design & creativity blogs already out there. Many are formidable and I have no desire to compete with them. Current industry news and work is very well covered. Likewise, there are countless great online resources for examples of vintage graphic design and other creative work (see the blogroll in sidebar).

This is why we will be looking from the angle of the commercial artist. The hope is this will offer a different perspective where ideas, historical references, technique and production are all taken into consideration.

I know the term 'commercial art' is is pretty much antiquated these days. But after considering this, I can't see any reason why the term is not still relevant. So like a true commercial artist, I've decided to go and make it the 'hook' for the entire project.

Here is the working list of blog category ideas:



  • Industry Masters, Legends and Greats

  • Styles, Trends and Periods

  • Media


  • Disciplines and Mediums (illustration, graphic design, art direction, writing, photography, film, animation, typography, etc.)

  • Tools, Techniques and Technology

  • Process


  • Contemporary work that catches our interest (maybe)

  • Studio news and projects

That's the plan anyway. Of course some tweaks may be made as it goes along but isn't that what we commercial artists do?

Hope you join us and enjoy.