Graphite & Lead business card wins design award.

Had a great time and was very pleased to receive an award last Friday evening at the 2015 AIGA Cleveland, Design 360 show.

Graphite & Lead metal business card.

Graphite & Lead metal business card.

I don't get out all that much or hand out many business cards. So when I do, I wanted to make the new Graphite & Lead business card stand out.

The cards are made from magnesium printing dies, just like those used in the letterpress shop, except not wrong-reading as they would normally be.

I've got it down so I can file the edges smooth (so nobody gets cut and the piece feels nice in your hands) and add the black ink distressing (so the typography pops) in about 30 minutes work each.

I especially like the fact that I will hand-craft each individual card that's handed out.