Instagram first. Strategic social networking.


We are updating a client's website to make it responsive and this has prompted me to ponder the current mobile first approach to online marketing. It makes sense for the project we are working on. Devise the concept and create the content to work first and foremost in the smallest format. Then, literally let the material expand and have more room to breath on a desktop computer.

This made me think the same approach could be useful for a social media campaign. So we've begun just that for Cranky Pressman.

It's Instagram First.

Instagram is the trending social network right now. It's fun and reintroduced the snapshot for a digital world. But most importantly, it's an attractive promotional tool.

The Cranky series is #LetterpressAtoZ and here are a few of the pictures posted so far:

We will work our way through the entire alphabet using photos and bite-sized informative bits about letterpress printing, equipment, terminology, history or whatever we discover around the shop, or in old books. So not just for marketing purposes, the series is also a learning experience for the team in the printing shop.

The focused theme will keep us on track and allow us to chip away at the story over a period of time.

Whenever possible, content is being repurposed from a talk I recently gave on designing for letterpress for the Akron Chapter of the American Advertising Federation. New iPhone photos we take will add to our digital assets collection.

Then, the plan is to repurpose the content to make the efforts go further. The most relevant and interesting letterpress stories will be expanded into longer form blog posts and maybe even a printed version such a good old-fashioned newsletter (yes, the kind that goes in the mail).

That's the strategy and our target audience is following. I don't know exactly how long it will take, but promise we will make it to Z. And then from there, the theme will continue in other forms. 

Follow the series here.