Preparing to freshen up the old boy.


Cranky Pressman has been around for a while now. The dude has had a good run but is due for a makeover. This is exactly what we are preparing to do in 2016.

We're currently working on a new Cranky website. The old hand-cranked one has served us well but with advancements in technology no longer runs like it used to.

Beside updates and improvements on the brand, there are also big plans in the works for the letterpress shop itself. Watch this space for exciting news from Keith and his inky coworkers.

So in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new, we've put the past behind and compiled a few highlights of the Cranky Pressman design, branding and marketing done so far into a case study.

The Cranky Case Study can be seen here.

More news and new work (including non-cranky projects) coming soon.