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Wine scented candle line gets a cork and letterpress treatment.


Graphite and Lead recently had the opportunity to work on a unique and interesting project. The brief was to create labels for a new line of decorative scented candles. The concept, design, illustration and prototypes were for a client who is exploring and testing a travel-themed gift and home decor business.

The client expressed interest in using a cork substrate for the labels. We were immediately intrigued by the idea of real cork for candles which each have a scent inspired by a different type of wine. In fact, we liked the basic idea so much we decided to use vintage and international wine cork graphics as the inspiration and theme for the entire product line's graphic design.

The concept was well received by the client and test groups. However, the plans for Rambling Caravan have been put on hold for now by the people behind the effort while they focus their attention in other areas. So although the candles cannot be purchased right now, we hope to see them produced and available in the future.

We thank the folks at Rambliing Caravan for the opportunity to help them with the lovely project and wish them the best of luck wherever their journey takes them.

Project and production details.

The label material is made from real cork that is sold in thin sheets made to be printed. An adhesive backing was duplexed with the cork sheets and letterpress printed in one color by our associates at Cranky Pressman.

The natural flecks and imperfections of the cork does not provide a high quality printing surface and the small format of the pieces made for a fun design and production challenge. The graphics had to be kept fairly bold and simple but a certain amount of detail was required to give each piece unique a unique flavor.

The wine industry has a long and rich international heritage. The style of vineyard marketing and branding overall tends to have a hand-crafted and vernacular feel. We embraced the many different regional looks in the series. Wine cork inspired elements were also incorporated such as decorative borders, hand lettering as well as cropping and angles that are slightly off.

Because after all, wine corks are unusual little pieces. We wanted to bring these attractive details to the home candle line.