Sea battle moves to social media.

Barnacle Barney must be stopped.


Sailors have had a problem with barnacles as long as their timbers have been shivering. All sea vessels are vulnerable to what is called bio-fouling, but it's especially annoying to those who sail for pleasure.

Ultrasonic Marine sells electronic systems that prevent the build-up of barnacles on a boat's hull. We created a cartoon character and photo-illustrations to help in the battle to get noticed on social media.


Just keep Barnacle Barney off your boat.

The sailing community is very active on social networks. Visual images are key to cutting through on Facebook and Instagram. Our target market is inundated with pictures of boating gear and beautiful seascapes. We needed something different to stand out.

Barnacle Barney was bought on board to get attention in an environment where people do not want to be sold to in an old fashioned or heavy-handed manner.

He may be cute but he's a real nuisance and everywhere a sailor travels. What's important is to keep Barnacle Barney off your boat. That's the message wanted to send boaters with this campaign.