An Industrial Cartoon

Animated video for business to business.


I’ve recently been trying my hand at video production. We’ve made a few short videos for Cranky Pressman. Cranky is a more lighthearted brand with a quirky tone-of-voice, so simple little videos suit the brand character and target market of graphic designers and art directors.

But why should some brands have all the fun and not others, like our client Miles Products, who manufacture molded plastic parts?

We’ve purposely created a more colorful and friendly brand for Miles Products. I believe it stands out in the industrial media where many companies try to present themselves very seriously. However, rather than appearing smart and buttoned-down, many corporate videos just come across as plain old boring.

I’m sure that the industrial designers, engineers and product manufacturer’s personnel we hope to reach enjoy a touch of visual interest while YouTubing as much as the next person does.

With this in mind, we made this short animated video to explain the very exciting subject, gas assisted injection molding, in a more watchable way!


Please have a look:


In my former advertising agency positions I art directed and helped produce many commercials both live action and animated. The spots we made for Crayola used both live action and animation. You can see them on the Old TV Commercials page of our portfolio.

I plan to make more videos in the near future, for both personal and content marketing purposes. Hey, everyone is doing it and we want to join in the fun!


G&L studio’s work on the video project included:

Concept, copywriting, illustration, animation and video editing