Manufacturing Infographic

A specialized molding process explained in an image form.



Longtime client Miles Products are manufacturers representatives serving the plastic injection molding industries. The company provides marketing and sales for a range of molding companies they represent. The customer's who buy their products and services are industrial designers, engineers and supply chain managers at name brand manufacturers making everything from automobiles to medical equipment and consumer products.

Put simply, our client and their partners sell and produce custom plastic parts, which are then built into bigger and more complex products such as cars and CT scanners.


Sections of the larger infographic piece can be broken down and used as smaller promotional images as shown here.



Simplifying complicated technical information.



No one working in the industries this piece targets claims that all their work and processes are exciting. In fact, like most jobs, many of the technical details are, shall we say, slightly boring. However, this does not make their molded plastic components less important.

To produce top notch finished products, everything has to work beautifully from design through the final sales. To convince our target audience to consider our offering though, we first need them to read the information being presented. Once read, hopefully the prospective customer will better understand the technology.

Infographics distill complex messages into more appealing bite-sized images. This is an infographic that Graphite & Lead created for Miles Products explaining the benefits of the multi-nozzles used in the structural foam molding process.


All the professionals working at different stages of the manufacturer's development and production are not necessarily familiar with every detail of the industry.

The main point we wanted to communicate is how multi-nozzles are very versatile and allow many types of components to be made with the same specialized molding machine.

Our solution takes the reader through two different scenarios, side by side, to illustrate two hypothetical options multi-nozzles make possible.

Thoughtful and unique presentation of the niche subject matter also benefits our client's online search engine optimization.



Branded Content



The design of this infographic fits into the overall brand identity we developed for Miles Products and the four main manufacturing processes they offer. These are injection molding, plastic molded prototypes, insert molding and structural foam molding. The Miles Products logo and category icons are pictured.

Our concept and work for the overall Miles Product brand and their corporate website can be seen here.

Graphite & Lead work included:

Concept, graphic design, copywriting, illustration, typography, and content marketing.