North Coast Goats

Cleveland Ohio band branding and promotion.



The North Coast Goats are a local Cleveland area band that plays familiar tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Their music covers a range of genres and styles including rock & roll, soul, folk, blues and a little bit of country.

They are a fun band that liven up the evening at venues and events. Besides the enjoyable performance, another thing you may notice about the group is none of the members are exactly teenyboppers! There are no Millennials in this bunch and not even a GenX'er for that matter.

But age can't stop a good rocker and the North Coast Goats will please any crowd. Below is the branding, styling and logo we came up with for the band.


North Coast Goats logo and logotype design.


People love goats, young and old. And during the design process we discovered that the creatures come in as many different forms as popular music does. The main logo incorporates a slightly mischievous horned specimen.  

North Coast Goats badge design - Sing, Dance, Listen and Enjoy!


The branding elements designed include a logo and a badge with just the NCG initials which will be used at small sizes such as avatars or online profile images. These various graphics along with a brand color scheme and typography styling can be used across different media such as the music sampler CD packaging shown above.

Right now the band does not to have a website and will be publicizing events by word of mouth and their Facebook page. SoundCloud is another platform being used to promote the music. The screenshot below shows how the brand style works on the band's SoundCloud page.


Our studio's work included:

Branding design, logo design, typography and print design