Old TV Commercials

Back in the day when television ads were the trend.



I've been lucky to have had a varied career, first studying illustration before going to work in graphic design and advertising companies. A sizable chunk of my time in ad agencies was spent making television commercials. It was something I enjoyed very much, but then the internet came along and a new type of glowing screen drew our attention away from tv.

Even though I don't do much tv work anymore I wouldn't say no if someone asked me to write a script or scribble a storyboard! The samples below are a few spots I am particularly proud of.

McDonald's UK


 Quirky British telly advert.


Another spot from UK campaign.


Crayola Crayons


Art is good for kids.


Art improves a child's science skills.


A couple more commercials


Tolerance starts at home.


Age old advice I never followed.


Additional Notes and Credits:

All ads were produced while working at Leo Burnett in Chicago and London. As is normal, the work was done as part of an agency team. Art Director was my job so this meant creating concepts with copywriter partners Ross Jameson or Steve Romanenghi. Once in production my main focus would turn to the visual aspects. However, my partners and I always equally shared responsibilities from dialog through editing and audio work.