Ultrasonic Marine Systems

Barnacle Barney social media campaign.



Barnacles are a nuisance to boaters. When young and still able to swim they dedicate themselves to finding a place to attach. The hulls of boats are particularly appealing to barnacles because of the slime buildup that they feed on. Once a barnacle finds its forever home, it permanently attaches and can only be removed by scraping off.

Ultrasonic Marine (USM) sells electronic systems that use ultrasonic sound waves to eliminate the buildup of slime which in turn makes hulls less attractive to barnacles.

We created a cartoon character, Barnacle Barney, for a Facebook advertising campaign. He may be cute but Barnacle Barney is a pain in the butt. Sailors are warned to keep him off their boat.



Just keep Barnacle Barney off your boat.



The sailing community is very active on social networks. Visual images are key to cutting through on Facebook and Instagram. We needed something different than the usual pretty seascapes to stand out.

Barnacle Barney got boaters attention and engagement in an environment where people do not want to be sold to in an a conventional heavy-handed way.

Here are how the ads ran on Facebook:


Our studio's work included:

Concept, illustration, copywriting, social media planning and management